Feb 21, 2010

All Useful Mafia Wars Tips

Getting Started

1.) What’s in a name?
Everyone wants to have their own unique personality evening a game like Mafia Wars but it can be done in a tasteful manner. Using names that have profanity, hate, sexism, innuendo, etc. may eventually cause your account to be banned …so much for Mafia Wars.
2.) Picking a Character Type
  • Mogul – Earns money faster
  • Maniac – Regains energy faster
  • Fearless – Regains health faster
3.) The Best Type to Play
Like all character based games they all have their strengths and weaknesses. If you want to level quickly the best choice is the Fearless type. I can hear the groans and whining now but hear me out and you may think differently.
Even though the Maniac regenerates energy faster and might leap ahead of the Fearless class early, in the long run the Maniac will see nothing but tail lights as Fearless charges by. That is because once a Fearless type is put into the Wheelman position (which only they can be in) of a mafia they gain the ability to occasionally pay ZERO energy for a job. When we say occasionally it’s usually 3 – 5 times per level. This is where Fearless will out pace Maniac.

Skill Point Allocation

4.) Energy, Energy, Energy
If you want to powerlevel super quick you should be dumping their points into nothing but energy until around level 200. This is true even with the Fearless type. The energy reduction benefit that Fearless gives is based on their level and early on energy is everything to all types. If you want to build a stronger character you can point puts in attack and defense early on but it’ll be a lot slower to level.
5.) Attack and Defense
Unless you plan on beating your head against the wall over and over and knocking your self silly by attacking all the time be very sparing on the points in these until after level 200. Then start slamming points into attack and defense. By that time you should have a full 501 members in your mafia and be very well equipped.
6.) Health
This stat is all but useless since you have access to healing just about anytime you want it. If you want to get the bulletproof achievement go for it, otherwise don’t waste points here.
7.) Stamina
Start looking at this stat when you have decided that it is time to start on the offense and start fighting.


8.) Don’t bother keeping your cash in the bank if you are level 50 or lower. Here is why.
Let’s say you are working out the tier at the Consigliere level. It will take around 300 jobs to complete and at roughly $5 million per job you would earn $1.5 billion. If you deposit that amount into the bank at 10% banking fee you are paying $150 million dollars. Since the most that you can lose in any single fight is $100,000 you would have to lose 1,500 fights to save money by banking.
Not many people in the GAME have lost 1,500 fights so what are the chances you will before you notice it.
9.) Banking in Cuba
Cuba is a completely different story. Money there is pretty scarce and you can still lose up to 100,000 in a fight. When in Cuba use the bank regularly.

Buying Property

10.) Buy Property in Blocks of Ten
When possible buy property in blocks of ten to save money. Take abandoned lots for instance. If abandoned lots cost $7000 each at the level you are at a block of 10 would cost $70,000. Each time you buy a property the cost goes up, if you buy a block they all at the same price. In the example here buying 10 abandoned lots one at a time would cost $115,000. Buying them in a block of 10 saves $45,000. That is just on empty lots, imagine the cost on casinos if you buy them one by one.
11.) Some properties go up in cost faster than others. Building costs go up much quicker than the cost of the lots that they sit on.

The Home Page

12.) Limited Time Offers
Keeping your mafia well equipped in very important if you want to kick ass and take names on the offense or have an impenetrable wall on defense. On the home page right under the “home” button there will be an item listed that requires a certain number of mafia. It can be a weapon or armor but it is usually pretty damned good as far as purchasable items go. Stock up on them when you can.
13.) Player Updates
Keep an eye on player updates this is where you can see if you have any rewards coming from helping your mafia. This can also be seen under notifications on Facebook but always check when you are on the home page. If you miss out you could be losing some extra cash and experience.

Earning Experience

14.) Keep a high level Fearless type in the Wheelman position on your top mafia. Ideally the player should be higher than level 299 in order to receive the maximum energy reduction of 11%.
15.) Pick jobs that give the most bang for the buck. If a job awards 49 experience points for an energy cost of 27 it is much more efficient than one that gives 5 for 5.

Using Energy Packs

16.) Using energy packs to simply level is a waste of a good energy pack.
17.) Don’t start using energy packs before level 100. If you are smart and use you head you can reach level 100 very quickly. To make full use of the power of an energy pack you need to have a large amount of energy.
18.) The best use for energy packs is to do missions that allow you to stock up on consumables such as computer setups, concealable cameras, untraceable cell phones, and the like. You are going to use a large amount of consumable to react then upper levels.
The problem is that most of the missions in which these items can be found are pretty horrible when it comes to experience versus energy usage. Using an energy pack will help a great deal when fishing for consumables.
19.) When using an energy pack to gather consumable items go into your Top Mafia and demote your Mastermind. This will let you do the jobs many more times since the object when looking for items is not leveling its doing the job over and over.
20.) Don’t forget to promote your Mastermind when you are done.
21.) Always do your most expensive and best experience job right before you hit a new level. Use energy right up until you cannot do another job without leveling then pick a big one to give you a jump on next level.


22. The best setup to squeeze the most experience out of jobs for the least amount of energy is the following setup.
  • Top Wheelman (level 299+) for an 11% reduction on energy costs.
  • The best Mastermind (level 299+) for an 11% bonus to experience on jobs.
  • A Private Island for which gives a bonus of 5% experience on jobs for being a Master Underboss.
23.) Just because you have mastered a tier does not mean you should quit doing jobs there. Mafia Wars has a number of missions that requires the use of consumable goods that can only be looted from mission. You will NOT get everything that you need from mastering a tier. See above under using energy packs
24.) Look for rare items as random loot. Some jobs advertise that there is a chance to find rare items needed for some other jobs.
25.) Here is a quick list of rare items and where they are found
  • .22 Pistol – Beat Up Rival Gangster
  • .45 Revolver – Take Out A Rouge Cop
  • .50 Caliber Rifle – Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring
  • 9mm Semi-Automatic – Rob A Pimp
  • Armored Car – Invade Tong-Controlled Neighborhood
  • Armored Truck – Smuggle Across The Border
  • Automatic Rifle – Bust a Made Man Out of Prison
  • Bodyguards – Protect Your City Against A Rival Family
  • Brass Knuckles – Rough Up Dealers
  • Bullet-Proof Bentley – Win 20,000 Chips In Mafia Wars Poker
  • Butterfly Knife – Collect Protection Money
  • C-4 – Destroy Enemy Mon Hideout
  • Grenade Launcher – Repel the Yakuza
  • Napalm Attack – Exterminate a Rival Family
  • Night Vision Goggles – Assassinate A Political Figure
  • RGP Launcher – Sell Guns to Russian Mob
  • Semi-Automatic Shotgun – Fight a Haitian Gang
  • Stab-Proof Vest – Kill A Protected Snitch
  • Tactical Shotgun – Perform a Hit
You may not get some of these items as you master the tiers. Chances are you will have to come back and work the missions for some time to get them all.

Fighting other Mafioso

How can you know if you will win a fight? You won’t know for sure until you try but there are some things you can do to investigate your opponent.
26.) Mafia Size
OK, this one is kind of a no-brainer but I thought I should toss it in. If your enemy has a smaller mafia than you do you have a better chance of winning, if it’s larger you will probably lose.
27.) Check the win/loss record. If a player has fought a total of 122 fights and lost 80 it basically means that they are on the losing end 67% of the time and should be fairly easy. On the other hand if they have fought 122 fights and lost only 22 they have a winning percentage of 82% and would make a hard target.
28.) Take a look at Deaths versus mobsters whacked. It’s a good bet that if a player has significantly more kills than deaths they could very well be bad news for you.
29.) Another indicator is successful heists and times robbed. If the person has never robbed anyone and been beaten up regularly they are a mark. If they have a great deal of successful heists but never been robbed…run away.
30.)  To win easy fights find a weak player and attack them repeatedly.
31.) Weak players are nice but inactive ones are gravy. Check to see if the collectables they have are old, if so chances are they are inactive. People quit the game every day but the game remains active. When you find one of these guys make note of them and you can pluck them like a chicken.
How to Deal With Being on the Hit List
If you are the kind of player who keeps their nose clean and does not attack or rob others and are happy with doing jobs chances are you will never see the Hit List. On the other hand if you are they type that likes to attack others or rob their properties eventually you will either get hit or gang attacked by the buddies of someone you have pissed off.
Here are a few tips to help beef up your defenses and maybe…just maybe survive.
32. Add more mafia. A bigger mafia means more protection.
33.) Get the best equipment that you can afford. You want to have the best armor for each of your mafia. Since only 501 can help you on any one fight you need to own 501 of the best armor and weapons that you can afford.
Now that you’ve added more mafia members (or already had 500), it’s important that they are fully equipped. You will want one weapon, armor, and vehicle for each person in your mafia. The higher the defense on the items, the better off you will be when defending your self from attacks. Here is a list of the best equipment (weapons, armor, and vehicles both bought from the shop and dropped by jobs) for defense:
34.) Best Items in the game for defense
  • Gaff Hook – 30 defense – “Pillage a Shipyard” job in the El Jefe tier in Cuba.
  • Guerrilla Squad – 34 defense – “Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle” job in the El Padrino tier in Cuba
  • Armored State Car – 38 defense – “Storm the Presidential Palace” job in the El Padrino tier in Cuba.
  • Private Jet – 38 Defense – Dropped from jobs and fights
35.) Spend points on Defense
501 mafia and top defensive equipment are not going to be enough if you have put no points into defense. You can get extra points by vaulting collections. As a rule of thumb your defense should be equal to your level for higher survivability. You can use Godfather points to get +4 stat points if needed.
36.) Hit them hard. If you are attacking and are awarded the maximum amount of cash, $100,000 then hit them again.
37.) If robbing is your favorite activity you are most definitely a mobster and along with that distinction will come the inevitable Hit List. Most of the time you can attack people and pretty much get away with it, but hit their properties a bunch of times and you are most likely dead meat.
38.) No matter how big and bad you think you are there is always someone out there somewhere that is just a little bigger and a little more bad.
39.) If it is your goal never to be on the hit list it’s really very easily accomplished.
  1. Stick to doing jobs
  2. If you DO attack someone do it once and move to another target.
  3. NEVER rob properties
Follow those 3 rules and you will most likely never be on the Hit list.

Properties and Property Management

40.) The safest properties to own are lots of all kinds and Mafia Mike’s. Properties and Mike’s cannot be robbed.
41.) If you own properties other than those mentioned above keep them well insured.
42.) Make money with Mafia Mike’s. You can own one for every 2 members of your mafia. Grow your mafia to few thousand and you have a pretty sweet income that is not subject to roving bands of robbers. So recruit constantly.
43.) Always make sure that you have the maximum amount of Mafia Mike’s purchased before its time to collect your take. I recruit constantly but within a half hour of payout I take time out to make sure that I am full on the property.

How to Keep From Being Robbed

44.) Keep your mafia numbers equal to your level. In normal fights you and 500 of your buddies can work together to kick some butt but it’s completely different in robbery scenarios.
In robberies you may attack or defend with an amount equal to your level. When the robbers look at the list and they see less mafia than the level of the player it makes you a target.
45.) Equipment makes the difference. Your defenders are only as strong as the equipment that you give them. If you have nothing but junk, get ready to pay through the nose, but if you have top of the line stuff the robbers may have bitten off a bit more mark than they can chew
46.) Keep Leveling Up. Get out of the lower levels as quickly as possible. The higher level you are the less appetizing you will look to the sharks. Besides boss jobs pay much better than robbing and there are chances for some sweet loot.
47.) Keep your hands out of the cookie jar. If you don’t want to be robbed then don’t rob others.
48.) Win fights. There are very few stats available there are only a few tidbits of information when someone is going to rob you. They can see mafia size, if the property is protected, and standard profile stats. If they see a high win over loss ratio they are less likely to pick on you.
49.) Use smoke and mirrors. No, not magic tricks, I am talking about artificially inflating your win loss ratio. You can make it appear that you are far tougher than you are by fighting weaker people and building the wins. Call it camouflage.
50.) Don’t Hit List people, plain and simple.
51.) Always buy protection.

Weapons and Vehicles

New York Equipment
52.) Chain Gun – Since you can buy them early fill your inventory as soon as you can.
New York Weapons
53.) Body Armor – Not the greatest but beats a pinstriped suit. Most loot is better so switch it out when you can.
54.) Town Cars – +22 and there is an achievement for owning 500.
Cuban Equipment
55.) New York weapons are better than Cuban weapons at this time.
56.) Rebel Sniper armor it is +42 but increases the bribe penalty by 0.5% up to 80% max.
57.) Commercial Helicopter – Dump the town cars and replace them with these.

Mafia Wars Items you need 501 of

58.) TNT – 42 attack, 20 Defense – found in the job :”Raid the Arms Depot”, Cuban

59.) Guerrilla Squad – 34 Attack, 30 Defense – found in “Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle”, Cuban
60.) Armored State Car – 30 Attack, 38 Defense – found in “Storm the Presidential Palace”, Cuban

Not quite as good as the heavy stuff but better than most.

  • Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle +56
  • AR-15 +42
  • ASC45 “Conquistador” +54
  • Cane Knife +46
  • Gaff Hook +50
  • M16A1 +42
  • Para 322 +48
  • RA-92 +40
  • Ru-38 Pistol +44

Other half way decent equipment

62.) Armor (+45 -+63)
  • Hu-9 Helicopter +63
  • Si-14 Cargo Plane +62
  • Mini-Sub +55
  • Cigarette Boat +52
  • Armored Limousine +52
  • Montaine 320 +50
  • Private Jet +50
  • Police Cruiser +50
  • Humvee +48
  • Camouflage Body Armor +46
  • Ocelot Armored Truck +46
  • Chucho FAV +45


63.) Finding extra items on missions is common and you can help out your other mafia members taking a look at their wish lists occasionally and giving them something on it. They will return the favor.
64.) The “Giving” achievement is earned through gifting items to other players.


Collections bestow permanent stat boosts and award achievements.
65.) Diamond Flush Collection
Reward : +1 energy
Tier: Street Thug
  • Eight of Diamonds
  • Nine of Diamonds
  • Ten of Diamonds
  • Jack of Diamonds
  • Queen of Diamonds
  • King of Diamonds
  • Ace of Diamonds
66.) Heart Flush Collection
Reward: +5 Health
Tier: Associate
  • Eight of Hearts
  • Nine of Hearts
  • Ten of Hearts
  • Jack of Hearts
  • Queen of Hearts
  • King of Hearts
  • Ace of Hearts
67.) Boxing Collection
Reward: +3 Attack
Tier: Soldier
  • Hand Tape
  • Gloves
  • Headgear
  • Boxing Trunks
  • Speed Bag
  • Heavy Bag
  • Boxing Ring
68.) Club Flush Collection
Reward: +3 Attack
Tier: Soldier
  • Eight of Clubs
  • Nine of Clubs
  • Ten of Clubs
  • Jack of Clubs
  • Queen of Clubs
  • King of Clubs
  • Ace of Clubs
69.) Poker Chips Collection
Reward: +2 Attack
Tier: Soldier
  • White Poker Chip
  • Brown Poker Chip
  • Red Poker Chip
  • Blue Poker Chip
  • Green Poker Chip
  • Purple Poker Chip
  • Gold Poker Chip
70.) Sculptures Collection
Reward: +3 Defense
Tier: Soldier
  • Sculpture
  • Sheep Sculpture
  • Rooster Sculpture
  • Tiger Sculpture
  • Snake Sculpture
  • Dragon Sculpture
71.) Cigars Collection
Reward : +2 Energy
Tier: Enforcer
  • Ebony Cigar
  • Sky Cigar
  • Rose Cigar
  • Ivory Cigar
  • Turquoise Cigar
  • Gold Cigar
  • Royal Cigar
72.) Spade Flush Collection
Reward: +2 Stamina
Tier: Enforcer
  • Eight of Spades
  • Nine of Spades
  • Ten of Spades
  • Jack of Spades
  • Queen of Spades
  • King of Spades
  • Ace of Spades
73.) Billiard Balls Collection
Reward:  +1 Stamina
Tier: Enforcer
  • One Ball
  • Two Ball, Three Ball
  • Four Ball
  • Five Ball
  • Cue Ball
  • Eight Ball
74.) Rings Collection
Reward:  +5 Defense
Tier: Hitman
  • Topaz Ring
  • Opal Ring
  • Amethyst Ring
  • Emerald Ring
  • Sapphire Ring
  • Ruby Ring
  • Diamond Ring
75.) Ties Collection
Reward: +6 Defense
Tier: Hitman
  • Solid Tie
  • Striped Tie
  • Checked Tie
  • Geometric Tie
  • Dot Tie
  • Paisley Tie
  • Knitted Tie
76.) Paintings Collection
Reward: +6 Energy
Tier: Capo
  • Warhol Painting
  • Cezanne Painting
  • Matisse Painting
  • Van Gogh Painting
  • Dali Painting
  • Monet Painting
  • Rembrandt Painting
77.) Cufflinks Collection
Reward: +10 Health
Tier: Capo
  • Silver Cufflinks
  • Gold Cufflinks
  • Amber Cufflinks
  • Jasper Cufflinks
  • Agate Cufflinks
  • Onyx Cufflinks
  • Pearl Cufflinks
78.) Barber Shop Collection
Reward: +4 Energy
Tier: Capo
  • Barber Pole
  • Razor
  • Brush
  • Seat
  • Towel
  • Scissors
  • Cream
79.) Great Race Horses Collection
Reward: +7 Energy
Tier: Consigliere
  • Mill Reef
  • Sea Bird
  • Arkle
  • Golden Miller
  • St Simon
  • Ormonde
  • Eclipse
80.) Rum Drinks Collection
Reward: +8 energy
Tier: El Soldado, Cuba
  • Pina Colada
  • Hurricane
  • Bahama Mama
  • Mojito, Rum Runner
  • Long Island Ice Tea
  • Cuba Libre
81.) Tropical Fruits Collection
Reward: +3 Stamina
Tier: El Capitan, Cuba
  • Banana
  • Lime, Pineapple
  • Papaya, Coconut
  • Passion Fruit
  • Dragon Fruit
82.) Entertainers Collection
Reward: +10 Health
Tier: El Jefe, Cuba
  • Magician
  • Fan Dancer
  • Comedian
  • Band Leader
  • Cabaret Singer
  • Crooner
  • Burlesque Dancer
83.) Tropical Fish Collection
Reward: +5 Attack
Tier: El Patron, Cuba
  • Pufferfish
  • Sergeant Major
  • Yellowtail Snapper
  • Great Barracuda
  • Queen Angelfish
  • Reef Shark
  • Blue Martin
84.) Beards Collection
Reward: +7 Defense
Tier: El Padriano, Cuba
  • Garibaldi
  • Hulihee
  • Vandyke
  • Mutton Chops
  • Soul Patch
  • French Fork
  • Fidel

Managing Your Mafia

The mafia is organized crime with heavy emphasis on “organized.” Mafia wars is no different. In order for your family to operate smoothly you must put the top people in the
Top Mafia Slots
85.) Mastermind
Bonus Applied to: Experience From Jobs
Maximum Bonus: 11%
Type of Character: Any
Based on: Number of Completed Jobs
Number needed for Maximum Benefit:  14,999+
86.) Wheelman
Bonus Applied to: Reduction in Energy cost for jobs
Maximum Bonus: 11%
Type of Character: Fearless
Based on: Level
Number needed for Maximum Benefit: 299+
87.) Button Man
Bonus Applied to: Attack Power
Maximum Bonus: 11
Type of Character: Maniac
Based on: Level
Number needed for Maximum Benefit: 299+
88.) Bodyguard
Bonus Applied to: Defensive Power
Maximum Bonus: 11
Type of Character: Any
Based on: Number of Fights Won
Number needed for Maximum Benefit: 49,999+

89.) Safecracker

Bonus Applied to: Cash Generated from Fighting and Robbing
Maximum Bonus: 15%
Type of Character: Any
Based on: Number of Successful Heists
Number needed for Maximum Benefit: 49,999
90.) Bagman
Bonus Applied to: Cash Generated from Jobs
Maximum Bonus: 15%
Type of Character: Mogul
Based on: Character Level
Number needed for Maximum Benefit: 299+

Godfather Points

You should only be using Godfather points for 2 ..well maybe 3 things.
91.) Don’t waste Godfather points on crates of loot. The stuff is not that great and you can find better by doing jobs.
92.) Don’t waste points on energy refils, the +4 skill points are much better in the long run.
93.) Use Godfather points for 4 skill point upgrade when needed. Points are better than loot hands down.
94.) You can use points to change your name it the cops get too close. Or just for a change of pace.

General Tips

95.) When winning or losing fights level, loot, and equipment really make no difference but the correct use of points does.
96.) If you have a large active mafia you can earn 80 – 100 points per hour simply by helping out on their fights, if you fight as their Capo that’s an instant shot of experience.
97.) Experience and cash can be earned just by answering the call when someone asks for help in a mission.
98.) Never stop recruiting. Only 500 can help you on fights but a large mafia means big property income from Mafia Mike’s
99.) Gifting a great way to get some nice and needed items in return.
100.) Treat others in the game like you would want to be treated. I know that sounds kind of like a common sense thing but you would be surprised how many people forget that.
101.) Remember the game is great to play and can chew up hours if you are not careful. Remember to feed the animals, speak to your family, and occasionally go outside to see the sun.
Source:  www.mafiawarsblackbook.com


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