Feb 21, 2010

Mafia Wars Achievements Guide

Here are the achievements currently in Mafia Wars (Excluding Bangkok)

Armed and Dangerous – This is a very easy achievement to earn just pick up 10 Tommy Guns. You really don’t have to work at this one since you will be buying the guns along the way since some jobs require more than 10 to be able to complete.
Banana Republic – This is a Cuba achievement and is earned by owning all 4 availabe business on the island. When you first get to Cuba you realize that the millions that you have stashed away in New York are worthless and it may seem that money is hard to come by at first. Don’t worry though you will be filthy rich in the Caribbean in no time.
Big Business – Fully upgrade a single business in Cuba to earn this achievement. Once again its not one to sweat as it will happed while you are working toward the International achievement.
Big Spender – Use reward points to earn this achievement. The easiest way is to level up and then buy “+4 Stat Points” for free or you could cough up some real world cash for them.
Bulletproof – Being wanted by the Feds, DEA, ATF or other government agencies is one thing but to have a hit put on you by the mob is another. You can earn Bulletproof by actually surviving on the hit list for over an hour.
This is probably the hardest achievement to unlock and you’ll probably have to be level 500+ and have nearly all your points in defense to be able to unlock it.
Cashing out – Earn this achievement by sell off 50 Mega Casinos. This does not have to be all at once. You can buy them one at a time and immediately resell them.
Collector – A simple and easy achievement to earn, all you have to do is vault one collection and DING…ya got it.
Crime C.E.O. - Another fairly easy one to earn. When you are setting up your top mafia you will earn this one easily because you always want to have the best people in every spot. Get all spots filled with players who are above level 100 to earn it.
Curator - Same as Collector but this time you have to vault at least 9 collections. If you get a huge mafia wars family of 5000+ you should have no trouble getting this as as soon as you share your wishlist it’ll be filled in seconds.
Dependable – It cant get much easier than this, all you have to do is complete a job per day for 7 days.
Getting the Crew Together – Once again Mafia Wars on easy mode, just promote friends to each top mafia position.
Giver – You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Earn this one by gifting items to other players.
Havana Hat Trick - This Cuba based achievement is another easy one. Get to level 35 and head for the island. Complete one job tier for the achievement.
International – Earn 1 million Cuban Pesos. Money might seem scarce on the island but you illicit gains will start piling up fairly quickly. Fully upgraded business will give you this one in around 4 – 5 days.
Island Bound – An achievement for just clicking a button at level 35. Fly to Cuba.
Knife Thrower – Earn10 Butterfly Knives. Another one you don’t have to work at. You will get the knives as you level up.
Like a Hurricane – No you don’t have to spend an afternoon listening to the Scorpions, but you do have to win 1000 fights in Cuba. This one might take a bit of time.;
Mercenary – Help out 200 friends that call for backup. Just keep an eye on notifications and as soon as you see someone asking for help click away.
My Little Friend - Gift an M16A1 to a friend. Just keep doing “Transport a Shipment of US Arms” job in Cuba, it is on the El Capitan tier. Then send it off to a friend.
Napoleon Complex – Beat someone who has a bigger mafia than you do. Try doing this when you are very young. Someone who has 2 mafia when its just you are not that much tougher than you are.
Nest Egg – Deposit  $10,000,000,000,000. This is the hardest achievement that there is right now. It takes a long time to earn that much cash, even for Donald Trum
One Down – Easy, just finish one stage of jobs in New York.
Personal Bailout – Deposit $1 Billion to earn this one.
Personal Fleet – Earned by owning 500 Town Cars. You should never need this many town cars so the easiest way get this is just to buy them then sell them off as soon as you can replace them with better vehicles.
Slum Lord – Buy up 30 apartment complexes
Spreading it Around – Gift 501 items to your gang. This one isn’t hard but it does take some time to find that much stuff to hand out. The easiest way to do this is simply give away all your low level handguns / knives etc that you acquired in the early stages of new york to random people in your mafia family. Then if thats not quite enough give away some of your spare low level collection pieces to your family. You should have this unlocked in under an hour.
That’s Amore – Send a diamond ring to a player that is under level 8. Just sending it to an alt should suffice.
That’s with a “T” – Earned by depositing $1,000,000,000,000 and is the second most difficult achievement to get simply because it takes time to build up that kind of cash.

The Best Offense – Defeat 15 attackers in a row to earn this achievement. The easiest way to get this one is to have a buddy that is weaker than you are attack you until you get it.
The First is the Hardest – Earned by depositing $1,000,000. At first a million sounds like a butt load of money, but don’t worry you will have it quicker than you think.
Treasure Hunter – Earned by finding a rare item in a mystery crate Either save up reward points as you level or shell out some hard earned bucks for them. On a side note…the rare items are not that great either.
Tycoon – Fully upgrade all Cuban Businesses to become a Tycoon. Once you’ve done all the jobs in cuba you should have enough cash to complete this, if you’re powerlevelling wait until you’ve finished cuba but if you’re taking it slow the purchase and upgrade your businesses as you go.
Uncle Sam - Earned by owning 50 federal agents. You get these guys from the boss tier and “Buy off a Federal Agent”. The drop rate is not too bad but it still might take awhile to complete.
Unstoppable – Win 15 fights in a row and you will be unstoppable. Super easy again, just pick weaker targets and its yours.
What’s after Trillion? – Earned by depositing 999 Trillion Dollars. Work, work, work is all we can say. It’ll take a looong time to unlock this as very very few people have done it so far.
What else you got? – Achieved by mastering all the tiers in New York.
Wing Man – Help out 10 friends who call for backup by keeping an eye on notifications and it will come before you know it.
Working Man – Earned by doing 20 jobs in one day. You should have this one within minutes of starting your character. The jobs can be the same job or different ones.
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