Mar 7, 2010

General Tips for Daily Life

Tip : 1
Whenever you get tensed or angry, the best thing is : take 10 or 15 deep breaths---really it is the best medicine. You can practise it whenever you find time--a good relaxation exercise.

Tip : 2
Drink water some 1 or 2 hours after you have your lunch or meals or dinner (whatever it may be). If you find the food hot or bitter, then take a sip of water. Drink water as scarcely as possible while you eat. Wash your mouth after eating. You can drink water half an hour before you go to eat.

Tip : 3
Brush your teeth before going to bed. You may find it lazy to do that ,but it will be helpful . At a later age, you can have artificial teeth too, but nothing will equal the natural.

Tip : 4
Drink 6 glasses of water(nearly 1.2 litres) immediately after waking up. Drink any other beverage after an hour. It is the best medicine available at the cheapest price. It has the potential to cure 86 diseases. Now you may not encounter any illnesses or diseases but in the long run you can protect yourself if you do this from now on.

Tip : 5
Carrot is also one of the best natural medicines. It can also cure many diseases. So make it a habit to eat carrots or drink carrot juice daily.

Tip : 6
Avoid curd as much as possible.Do not eat curd in the night. (It takes long to get digested)

Tip : 7
Do not drink milk immeadiately after you have curd rice or buttermilk rice .

Tip : 8
Go to bed after 2 hours of dinner.

Tip : 9
Do not drink water immediately after taking bath .Do not eat immediately after doing exercise.Eat atleast after half an hour .

Tip : 10
Onion and garlic are very good for health . But eat them rarely . They will stimulate your sensual desires.

Tip : 11
Nonveg is bad for health. It takes long time to get digested. It will build proteins quickly and thus decreases our life span. It will increase your animal nature rather than maintaining your human nature.

Tip : 12

Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible. It is good for health. They will help you maintain your human nature. Avoid fruit salad.This is because the efficacy of one fruit will be nullified by some other fruit.So take different fruits at different times.

Tip : 13
Do not drink coffee or tea . They affect your nervous system in the long run. Caeffine increases excretion of calcium in urine. Hence may result in osteopororsis. Coke and other soft drinks also contain caeffine.

Tip : 14
Brinjal dulls your brain. Coffee, non-veg, onion , garlic, tea, brinjal can be taken only if you have some diseases or deficiencies. Chilly should also be eaten scarcely.

Tip : 15
Coffee with drops of lime can reduce your headache. Tea with drops of lime can reduce your headache. Garlic is good for digestive system. Brinjal has got lot of iodine.

Tip : 16
Eat only if you are hungry ( you know this already).

Tip : 17
Do fasting once in 2 weeks. It cleans your digestive system( fast preferably on aegadasi)

Tip :18
In case of diarrhoea, drink black tea .

Tip :19
In case of constipation,

  • Eat yellow banana (poovampazham)
  • Eat grapes
  • Eat fig (athipazham)
  • Drink water before going to bed and immediately after waking up
  • Sit in vajrasana posture (as muslims sit)
Tip :20
If you have oilbath on a day, do not have sex on that day. Do not drink water immediately after having sexual intercourse---affects the nervous system.


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