Mar 7, 2010

Major problems facing human society

Vethathiri Maharishi (Scientific God to Mankind).

Major problems facing human society

1. Ignorance of Nature : its invisible powers and order of function from infinitesimal energy particle up to the greatest masses.
2. Confusion about God, the Almighty, its existence and power.
3. Ignorance of human physical and psychic functions and values; nature of pain and pleasure, their true causes; nature of the mind and its mystic as well as peripheral capabilities.
4. Lack of respect for others, due to ignorance of Nature and value of human life.
5. Use and desire for unnecessary articles, activities and rituals.
6. Economic disparity.
7. Political disturbances and corruption.
8. Religious intolerance due to lack of realization of Truth.
9. Ignorance of the existence of life and the soul, before birth and after death.
10. Neglect of the greatness of womanhood, plant life and labour.
11. Proliferation of war materials and wars.
12. Lack of holistic education to understand and maintain the greatness and progress of human values. 

Solutions to above problems are reviewed below;

In the evolution of Nature, unlike the animals or plants, man is endowed with a free will to choose and act in every given circumstance. If his choice is right he goes up the ladder, otherwise he goes down the ladder. This the Tamil Poet Poongundranar echoes when he says:

" தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர் தர வாரா "

Of the many choices available, generally the problem is, men choose what they like and not what is right, and that is precisely the reason for the conflicts and turmoils all over the world. This book imparts to the reader the necessary logic and maturity to do always what is right and not what one likes.
Logical choice never fails :
In the absence of logic, one's faith and preference decide the choice. In that case, the choice becomes subjective and personal.
But, with logical thinking, the choice becomes objective, universal and hence becomes applicable in every inch of the globe.
Faith depends upon the place and time: whereas logic, based on eternal values is independent of space and time. It is such universal and logical solutions that one finds in this book for the major problems of the world today. The author of this book, Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi, a living saint of Tamil Nadu has extensively and exhaustively dealt with the nature of the human problems and their logical solutions. The solutions discussed here have universal applicability.

The needs and their ways of fulfilment for all living beings are generally limited to three areas : food, shelter and sexual needs. But, for humanity, because of the sixth sense, the number of needs and their ways of fulfilment and enjoyment have become sophisticated and unlimited in varieties. Owing to this peculiarity in the evolutionary process, mankind is facing various problems in the process of living.
As man is a socially sensitive being, he is always struggling between habit and wisdom, unable to give up his habits nor forget his wisdom. Therefore, he could not solve the problems in his life when they arose. Thus, the problems of the world have increased to the present level. All kinds of simple and superficial methods have been tried to alleviate mankind's sufferings, but so far these have given only transient relief; actually the problems are swelling more and more, and the interest in life itself turns to depression and despair.
We, the world community, must find lasting and legitimate solutions to our problems, and implement them with courage and perseverance. It is difficult to implement stringent solutions, but the alternative of allowing our problems to remain and grow is unacceptable. The vision of world peace, happiness and harmony which can be ours must be the spur to action. If we neglect to take action together to solve our pressing problems we must all suffer more and more, losing our cultural values and even face the destruction of mankind.

"I have listed below some of the major problems of the human society and suggested logical solutions for each, for the sincere consideration of every responsible world citizen.
When thinking over our problems and their evil implications, we need not blame any group of people, country, ideology or government policies. Due to the perceived needs at different times and places the problems took root, usually unintentionally and unperceived at the time. People have been ignorant of the nature of development of mental concepts and the dangers of strong habits of action when spread over time and larger areas.
Now we must take the time to dispassionately analyse and clearly understand every problem, its evolution and grave results. We must draw up successful plans to solve our problems and alleviate the present and future suffering of humanity. Let us do our duty timely and courageously, realizing and remembering the abundant providence of Nature and the limited abilities of mankind."

"I have listed out twelve important problems and suggested logical solutions. Every point is summarized below:
As a solution to the first problem, Ignorance of Nature, I have suggested that mankind must know the very important invisible three principles: 1) God, 2) infinitesimal energy particle, and 3) universal magnetism. As these three principles are imperceptible, man's mind cannot understand their existence, functions and results through any of his five senses. The omnipotent consciousness of Nature has provided the sixth sense in human beings. The sixth sense is the culmination of human intelligence. In course of time this intelligence will be perfected to realize self and God. This treasure is provided for all people alike. Towards the aim of realization man has to practice to lower the mental frequency to the subtlest level with awareness.
For Problem No.2, the solution given is realization of God. A simple way, suitable for all sections of human society, is explained.
In Problem No. 3, the solution to perfect human consciousness with understanding of God and the evolution of universe up to the human mind is explained.
In Problem No.4, the value and greatness of human life is elaborately explained, so that each person will respect his fellow beings. Man does wrong only by three reasons: ignorance, innocence and emotions. The power of the human mind and the cause, effect and results of every action is elaborately dealt with in this section. Understanding the reality of human life and sincerely living with love and compassion is the solution to Problem No-4.
In Problem No.S methods of living without wasting energy and money are suggested. Unnecessary activities are discussed so as to awaken mankind from the illusionary concepts and actions done by habit and ritual. I have advised you as my best friends: Oh my dear friends, stop; think deeply and sincerely; plan your journey of life step by step; proceed and successfully reach your destination. A sense of awareness and responsibility will solve Problem No. 5.
In Problem No.6 I have dealt with the crucial subject of economic disparity. Nature is omnipotent abundance, a provident treasury containing everything required for life. Everyone should be educated to be literate and trained in technical knowledge to produce commodities and facilities for life. No one should live by exploiting the labour and wealth of others. The only inevitable exceptions to this are children, the elderly, invalids and handicapped. Methods of child-rearing, education and industrial management should be brought into a complimentary function. A sincere feeling of brotherhood should make one to consider himself as the property of the society. Even if it takes two or three centuries our social plans should aim towards this goal. This is the solution to Problem No.6.
As solution for Problem No.7, there should be no dealing with money by the elected government officials or ministers. Special institutions should be established to train the political representatives in spiritual and social awareness. At present there is no qualification prescribed for politicians. This system should be completely changed. The politician's duty should be to ensure the rights of all as per the constitutional provisions. The present method of entrusting our welfare to our elected representatives has proved to be an utter failure. The various reasons for this are given in the relevant chapter.
Now the time has come for mankind to understand the values of Nature, society and self and live happily and peacefully. The world is one and all are born, live and die on the same earth. There is only one sun by which all life is made and maintained. The air is one and the water is one. No human had made any of these or their parts. In everyday life, each of us is enjoying food and commodities manufactured by the labour and technology of the people of the whole world. All people are conceived and nurtured only by women. In every male and female birth both genetic values are intertwined. What is the reason for dividing the people into groups by the concepts of religion, caste or race? All are arbitrary and prejudiced distinctions. These should be avoided and mankind should come to realize self and Nature. Such potential is provided within the psychic functions of every human being. By turning the mind inward everyone will attain enlightenment. Some people egotistically think that they only are great, and the same way others think that they are naturally below standard. These all are due to habitual false notions. Whoever may be, all are the same under the law of Nature. Whatever the delicious food one can afford to eat, after it gets digested and the waste is eliminated, what is the state of it? Nobody has more than two hands and two legs. Only in the development of knowledge and imprints of experiences each person is different from others. But there is a common possibility that everybody can become enlightened if the mind is focused towards that end.
With all my experiences of life for eighty-seven years I have found the truth that as a human being I am a unit of the world community and a product of the Divine Nature. My existence and psychic properties belong to humanity. Therefore, whatever my experiences and enlightenment, they all belong to the human society of the present and future. With this understanding I venture to bring out this book as my duty to humanity. I request the reader to neglect the unacceptable points and hope he may make use of the
To solve Problem No.8, I have said that those who are taking the positions of religious leadership should be those who have realized the ultimate Truth or God. An international committee of scientists and philosophers should be constituted to help the present religious leaders to understand and realize God. Otherwise this problem will remain unsolved and continue to confuse humanity and lead to conflicts through unnecessary misunderstanding.
Problem No.9 refers to the prevailing ignorance about the nature of the existence of soul before birth, during the lifetime and after death. It is certain that only when the concepts of God, soul, Heaven, Hell, sin and virtue are clearly understood will mankind be able to enjoy peace, happiness and harmony, without resorting to irrational beliefs.
Problem No. 10 is Neglect of the Greatness of Womanhood, Plant life and Labour. The female structure is so wonderfully designed by Nature to produce human beings in a11 their complexity and sophistication. Women are not superior or inferior or the same as men; they are to be respected as special in the human creation. I have proposed that they should have equal rights in all fields of life, in addition to special privileges and comforts according to their needs. The indispensable role of plants and labourers in our lives should be remembered with gratitude and respect also.
Problem No. 11 deals with the need for establishing permanent peace among all countries of the world. The logical solution is to arrange for the collective safeguard of borders of all nations by the Security Council of the United Nations.
Problem No. 12 describes the present day need for holistic education, so that the younger generation may grow up to enjoy life to the fullest, free from unnecessary pains and miseries due to deleterious, wasteful habits and false concepts. An international brain trust should be constituted to create a modern, holistic educational system suitable for all countries. As part of this reformed educational curriculum, the nature and importance of magnetism in our lives must be included, as well as an understanding of the origin and working order of the universe which has evolved from the supreme power, Gravity, into the infinitesimal energy particle and magnetism.
I conclude this book by conveying my respect to people of all countries, the philosophers, scientists and humanitarians.
Also my sincere thanks to all those who have gone through the book before publication and given their suggestions for its improvement.
May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace by the Grace of Almighty!"

  Yours fraternally,
                                                                                                                 World Citizen

Book Name : Logical Solutions for Problems of Humanity

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