Dec 23, 2010

How to create a System repair disc in Windows 7

Dell Studio XPS 1640 15.6-Inch Obsidian Black Laptop - Up to 3 Hours 8 Minutes of Battery Life (Windows 7 Home Premium)There maybe certain times when your computer can be filled with viruses or your little brother may delete all the system files (knowing or unknowingly) or …yeah sometimes you test a batch file and deletes all your ‘.dll’ files from system32 directory (this has happened twice in my case ‘.)), 

in those times you need a system repair disc. Microsoft has introduced System Repair Option in Windows 7 incase the things that I mentioned earlier happen.

In Windows 7 creating a system repair disc is fairly easy. FYI i have included necessary steps to create a system repair disc in this tutorial. You also need a compatible CD/DVD burner and blank CD/DVD.

First put a blank CD/DVD in the CD/DVD burner in your system. I recommend you to put a CD-R instead of DVD-R because files in the recovery disc occupied only 164 MB in my 4.7 GB DVD-R.

Goto Start —>All Programs —>Maintenance —>Create a System repair disc

or if you don’t like to click so many times you may press “Winlogo + R” type “recdisc.exe” (w/o quotes) and hit enter.

In the following Window click on Create disc.

                                       Create System Repair Disc window


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