Jan 3, 2011

GiveAwayOfTheDay - Get Free Licensed Software Daily

Giveaway Of the day is a cool website.This project is mutually beneficial for both the users and the software developers.With Giveaway of the day,users are able to use full functionality of the 'paid' softwares for unlimited amount of time without paying a penny.Its completely legal.The giveaway softwares are also virus/spyware/adware free.They also do not allow crippleware/demo/trial versions in their giveaway.

How To Get Free  Licensed Software ?
Every day,a paid software is given for the users to test,and they have 24 hours to download and install it.Once installed within the 24 hour period,the user is allowed to use the software for free with full functionalities for unlimited amount of time.

There is no membership fee.You can think this project as something between a freeware and a paid software.

Limitations/conditions for "Giveaway of the Day":
  • No free technical support
  • No free upgrades to future versions
  • Strictly personal usage
How does the software developer gets benefited?
Giveaway Of the day project team pays for the giveaway license,and makes it free for that particular day alone.The software developer also gets valuable feedback from the users.The software developer also has the option of providing discounts for his other softwares.Many users also have said that they had bought softwares after trying the giveaway software,for professional use.


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