Jan 3, 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Beginners

Before I start, let me clear few things. First, I am not making in this article any turbo charged rockets or promises which will boost up the search engine rankings within 3 hours or 48 hours. These are only basic tips which will help your website for better indexing and high ranking.
Secondly, this is the main reason why I am writing this article. When I was about to start learning SEO lessons I ask myself why SEO is important? And then this answer came to my mind from nowhere.
Amjad, the Internet provides an avalanche of information, but think about just for a while that what would the sea of knowledge without a point do for seekers? True, isn’t?
Obviously, that was true. At that time I was beginner in SEO field and this was my first lesson that high search engines ranking is one of the best way to drive huge traffic to a website. If you still thinking what I am talking about or what SEO is or how it can help, you should read this article.
You may think in the beginning that learning SEO is confusing and hard to do or only experts can do. But it’s not as hard as you may think. If you still think it’s hard to do then at least you should learn about basic SEO which I will be explaining below.

How to Achieve a Higher Search Engine Ranking

There are so many ways both legal and illegal even in the field of search engines. The use of illegal methods which aka “Black Hat SEO” should be avoided because someday your website will be penalized or banned by the search engines.
The easiest and pure way to achieve higher search engine ranking aka “White Hat SEO” for the website is clean and validated HTML source code and you should be interested in providing unique & pure text. Keep in mind, the “CONTENT IS KING” for search engine optimization.

How to Use Title and HTML Meta Tags

Always use unique title tag with the desired keywords init on every page and content should contain the title tag and desired keywords. Do not use same title tags for each topic page with the desired keywords to make sure the search engine reads it also separately.

Finding the Right Keyword

Proper use of right keywords enhance the chances for higher ranking so set a realistic goal for the keywords for your website. Always pay attention to what could potentially your customers are looking for? For example if you search for “Web design”, currently you will find 368,000,000 results as I checked few minutes ago in Google. You almost have few chances in this pool of competition to get a higher listing. For this reason, in the beginning you should set your goals for the use of right keywords and be realistic, after short time you find yourself in the search result among the first.

JavaScript, Frames, and Flash animation

Search engines do not index Frame pages, Flash pages/animation and JavaScript/Pop-Ups. Sometime Frame pages are periodically analyzed and recorded by bots but If your website is a pure Flash site, you have very few chances to get indexing and high ranking. JavaScript is ignored and kept hidden by the search engines. You should really always think, “Do I need these effects anyway?” Compare with the customer benefits and see if is required or completely unnecessary effects? Also, search engine cannot read the text in graphics. Try to avoid use of images but if at all you have to show the image then use alt="" tag in images.

Get Links to Your Website

As I mentioned “CONTENT IS KING” in the same way the building back links are “QUEEN“. Of course, an optimized and clean site is already half the battle. To boost the ranking you need links related to the desired keyword from other sites. Ask your partners if they are ready for a link exchange with you to make your placement on their sites.

Use os Sitemap for Better Indexing

I read a lot that don’t waste your time to setting up or submitting sitemap to search engines but in my case I will strongly recommend you to create proper sitemap and submit it to top search engines. After all sitemap is the only protocol that directs the search engines to URLs on a website available for crawling. Click here to learn more about Sitemap.

Information Tools for Further Improvements

There are many tools available which help you to improve search engine ranking but I am going to list here my favorite information and SEO tools. I don’t want to have duplicate content by describing about these tools on this page but you can still learn more about these tools by browsing these links.


Always set realistic goals for your website in advance. Keep viewing the huge number of competitors for the optimization. Avoid unnecessary effects; put best efforts and confidence with good implementation.
You have done everything well. Still you find your site much below your expectations. You know why? Because! Everything takes time. You have to be patient and wait for search engine crawling. After all you are going to find a top place among other huge number of competitors.


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