Feb 26, 2011

How to Get Google Adsense Account Approval

Today most of the bloggers  primary income source is  adsense.Before we start how to creating a adsense account .  lets see the concept of  adsense .

Adsense works as a intermediate  or simply like a broker between the publisher (you) and the advertiser  . Adsense gets the targetted ads to your site automatically based on your content in your site .And pays you  based on the no of clicks  you get to the  advertiser site from your site . This form of advertisement is technically known as  cpc – cost per click .

First lets see how to make a site and apply for adsense

Creating  A  Site Or Blog  For  Adsense
To create a site for adsense needed following steps to do
  1. Buy An Domain
  2. Take An Hosting Account .Blue host is probably the best and i am using it from 4 yrs with out any complaint .If you are planning to take the blue host account dont register it directly just comment here  and i will give you hosting account in blue host for 4$ you can mail me using the contact form
  3. Select content of your site(Domain must be relevant tf the site content )
  4. Applying For Adsense

To Apply For New Adsense Account Follow The Steps  :
1.  Go to, http://www.adsense.com then click Sign Up Now
2. Type your account informations :
Provide your Website information
  • Website url : your web address (domain name  .com  )or blog URL
  • Website language : choose the primary language used in your blog
Your Contact information
  • Account type : choose individual  or business -
  • There is no difference in the services or payment structure between Individual and Business accounts. Business account payments will be made payable to the Company Name, while Individual accounts are paid out to the Payee Name of the account holder select your account type based on the requirements
  • Country or territory : select your country
  • Payee name : typing your complete name here or your  name .Your bank account name must match the payee name or you cant process the checks
  • Street address : Typing your address here. This address is used for delivery of cheque.
  • City/town :  your town
  • State : Provide the state name
  • Postal code
  • Phone

NOTE: please  see the requirements before you apply to the adsense account

Creating  a blog for adsense is simple and its free
  1. Go To Blogger.com
  2. Register a blog
  3. Select the content of your blog
  4. Applying for Adsense is as  above
After creating a Site or blog  you need check weather your site satisfies the minimum  requirements  to apply for adsense.
  • What Are Those Requirements?
  1. Your web site must be your top level  domain
  2. Domain must have been registered and active for at least  6 months before applying for adsense
  3. you must have original  content (must not copied from other sites)
  4. The  registration  information that you provide during adsense registration  must match your domain name registration
See these requirements is applied to your site . and apply for the Adsense  application. if your adsense is accepted you will get an message like this .if  it rejected  that you get meassage llike be sure the below rules and resend the application.
If adsense is accepted your site you will get an code in  your adsene account .copy and paste the code provided  html of your page. The  ads on your page shows the relavent of your site content . you can also display ads verticaly or horizontal.Your  daily earnings will look like this. After  one month of your earnings in send in the form of check like this . They will send according to information that you provided during  adsense application.

If your site is not accepted by the adsense .It means you proparly not devolped. there  many other reasons:
  • Is your site an  “About Me” page
Gennerally google does not accept the presonal blogs because they do not have specified content
  • How “ pages” do you have
See that you  must have  atleast  12 pages on your site .
  • You copied  the” content” of your site from other sites
Google easly can be find out that your content of your site is copied from orther sites or not. so you should not copied from orthers
  • Under “construction” sites will not accepted
Google does not accepted the  Under construction sites . make sure that do not keep pages like this
  • “Adults” content can not be accepted
Google does not accepted the  Adult content sites.not only adult content sites the following sites will not be accepted
  1. Hacking/cracking sites
  2. Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia
  3. Gambling or casino-related content
  4. Excessive advertising
If the following site’s is accepted in rare cases  it will rejected in future of his eanings.


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